From humble beginnings come great things!

We started with a shell of a building- an abandoned greenhouse that needed lots of love, cleanup and renovating.  The start of the dream was here. 

The Transformation

First Days

The project looked overhwelming once we began.  But what better place to work than in the country?!

The project looked overwhelming once we started, but what better place to be working than out in the country?!

Clean up begins


More than twelve trailer loads of debris, plastic and just general trash was removed. Efforts were made to transplant and save former resident plants. We discovered cement walkway!

The Plow horses arrived


We had several beautiful plow horses arrive to help us get our field under control....and to practice plowing!;-)

while we concentrated on the building cleanup

The walls going up!


How exciting it was when the walls went up.  And we finally had respite from the almost constant wind. There were five of us that will never forget that Summer. 

Now we grow our own produce


Beginner farmers that we are, we have already produced quite a bit of food on this property.  Fresh veggies are available in season.  Local farmers contribute too. 

Look now!


We have come a long way and still have a long way to go.  We hope you'll forgive any growing pains and join us on our journey!